Hawaii Hurricane Preparedness & Safety

While the islands of Hawaii rarely see hurricanes, particularly the massively devastating storms of the Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico, there existence is still quite the possibility while visiting or living on the tropical islands.  It is important to keep a handful of important safety tips in mind to help prevent serious harm or even death from the hazardous conditions caused by hurricanes of Hawaii.

First, while not always accurate or giving enough warning, emergency weather systems will try to warn of impending danger.  A hurricane watch is given when there is a good possibility of hurricane causing damaging winds, surf, and rain anytime within 36 hours.  A hurricane warning is given whenever there is a high chance of hurricane force winds anytime within 24 hours.  Not all parts of Hawaii may receive emergency weather warnings in time, so it is imperative to remain conscious and alert of weather conditions in your immediate vicinity.

Second, like with any other natural disaster, it is important that you develop an emergency plan for your business and/or family.  This plan should include evacuation routes, supplies/emergency kit, and securing of property and valuables.  Your emergency kit should include such things as a first aid kit, fresh water, flashlight, blanket, etc.  Be prepared to deal with the loss of utilities such as electricity, gas, and telephone.

Those along low lying coastal regions and areas subject to flooding should consider evacuation.  Also, those in wooden or other lightly constructed buildings may want to seek shelter elsewhere.  It is important during a hurricane in Hawaii or any other emergency to stay calm, stay alert and stay informed.

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